The CFU has organized a “Triangular Series” competition for the first time between three teams: Anfa, Barlos, and Afrosiyob in April 2021. The competition has given great results and discovered many talents and great players who are very competent and important in making Uzbekistan Cricket better. One of those players are:

Hassan – from the Anfa team showed great performance in batting

Usman – from the Barlos team showed brilliant bowling

Waseem – from the Anfa team was one of the top scorers

Alisher from – from the Anfa team was one of the best youngest players.

The Afrosiyob team has also shown a good game however, the Anfa and the Barlos were in the final of the Triangular Series with the highest scores. The final match has ended in favor of the Anfa team with 190 runs in 20 overs while the Barlos team scored 132 in 20 overs.

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