The Cricket Federation of Uzbekistan is expanding its international diplomatic relations to contribute to the development and improvement of the current cricket environment in Uzbekistan. On the 21st of September, 2021, in Lahore, the president of the CFU Aziz Mihliev and the chairman of the PCB Ramiz Raja signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The main aspects of the memorandum are to receive technical and educational support from the PCB to grow cricket opportunities in Uzbekistan and to raise it to the next level.

The MoU remarks that the cricket development program the PCB is intending to provide for Uzbekistan Cricket will involve high-performance camps for young Uzbek cricketers at the National High-Performance Centre of Lahore. During the training and learning process, the cricketers are expected to improve their technical, mental, and strategical abilities.

Moreover, the game development program aims to deliver curator and ground staff courses, Level 1 Umpiring courses, Level 2 Coaching courses, and other practical and theoretical courses of different levels to Uzbek cricketers.

This strategic partnership between the PCB and the CFU will act as a foundation for further bilateral relationships between the two countries to develop not only sports but also to enhance other spheres like economic, cultural, social spheres, and more.

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