The summary of the 2nd Friendly Cricket Match between Barlos Club and India Club Tashkent which was held on the 20th of June at the stadium of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan.

India Club Tashkent wins the toss and chooses to bat first. India Club Tashkent (ICT) scored 76/10 in 20 overs. The best batsmen of the ICT were Mifrah and Kartik bringing 26 and 27 runs, respectively, to their team. Hassan took 4 wickets and 31 runs in 4 overs and thus became the best bowler for his team in this match.

Barlos club performed brilliantly and could beat ICT’s score in only 4.5 overs, 80 runs 1 wicket down. Zubair’s contribution to this quick result was extensive. He had 56 runs and thus was elected as the “Man of the Match”. Hassan also showed good batting and scored 14 runs.

In summary, Barlos club won the match by 9 wickets. “The Man of the Match”, “The Best Bowler” and “The Best Batsmen” were awarded cash prizes to motivate Uzbekistan Cricketers and Teams.

Congratulations on the Victory!

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