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Cricket was invented by the British in the middle of the 18th century and today has become one of the most popular sports in many countries. And is the most famous in India. Today we will tell you about our Indian expats who have created their own cricket club in Uzbekistan.

Mohammad Tanweer Ahmad and Mohammad Tabrez Alam have been contributing in the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex more than three years. They both work as chief engineers at the Engineering Office. During their career, Tanweer and Tabrez have not only managed to prove themselves as real professionals, but also realized their dream of creating a cricket team. TASHKENT STARS CRICKET CLUB (TSCC) has been established in 2020 to foster the game of cricket in Uzbekistan and works closely with the Uzbekistan Cricket Federation (CFU).

The vice-captain of TSCC Tanweer Ahmad told us about cricket and his team:

– Cricket is a team-based non-contact sport, that belongs to the family of games that use the bat and the ball. The vivid and intense nature of this game is similar to the temperament of the people of India. I have been playing cricket since my childhood. Tashkent Stars is a social cricket club with players from all over the world: from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. Every weekend and on holidays, together with my colleagues from Enter Engineering and Uzliti Engineering, we divide into teams and play. Sometimes other local cricket fans join us. Each team consists of a maximum of eleven players. It is very exciting.

Tanweer lived and worked in Malaysia for a long time, where he continued to practice his favorite sport. During his stay in this country, he established the KUALA LUMPUR STAR CRICKET CLUB, where he won the Corporate Cricket Championship in 2017. In addition, he also won several other prestigious tournaments in Malaysia from 2013 to 2016.

Tanweer’s colleague Mohammad Tabrez Alam is also a professional cricket player. At home, he has played State Cricket Championship for age group U14, U17, U19 & U23 and for several years he was the captain senior A division league cricket in India. Today Tabrez makes a great contribution to the development of cricket in our country, by teaching children this exciting sport. Mohammad Tabrez Alam is considered as co-founder of KUALA LUMPUR STAR CRICKET CLUB in Malaysia and BSCC CRICKET CLUB in India.

Our expats are a prime example of how passion for what you love can become the meaning of life: wherever you are, you will always find time and a way to do what inspires you and gives you strength to conquer new heights. We wish to our heroes inexhaustible energy to make all their plans come true!


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